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Espiões chineses operam no Facebook contra militares da NATO

Espiões chineses usam falsas contas do Facebook para ‘sacar informação pessoal ou outra a militares ocidentais e outros alvos. E, claro, ‘agarrá-los’.  Nem o comandante-supremo da NATO lhes escapou… O passo, porém, terá sido maior que a perna! The Telegraph e o Guardian reportaram a manobra chinesa.

Spies Used A Fake Facebook Account For NATO's Supreme Commander To Get Private Personnel Information

How spies used Facebook to steal Nato chiefs’ details

NATO’S most senior commander was at the centre of a major security alert when a series of his colleagues fell for a fake Facebook account opened in his name – apparently by Chinese spies.

How spies used Facebook to steal Nato chiefs’ details

Adml James Stavridis Photo: GETTY

Senior British military officers and Ministry of Defence officials are understood to have been among those who accepted “friend requests” from the bogus account for American Admiral James Stavridis.

They thought they had become genuine friends of Nato’s Supreme Allied Commander – but instead every personal detail on Facebook, including private email addresses, phone numbers and pictures were able to be harvested.

Nato officials are reluctant to say publicly wo was behind the attack. But the Sunday Telegraph has learned that in classified briefings, military officers and diplomats were told the evidence pointed to “state-sponsored individuals in China”.

Although they are unlikely to have found any genuine military secrets from the Facebook accounts they accessed , the incident is highly embarrassing.

In the wake of it Nato has advised senior officers and officials to open their own social networking pages to prevent a repeat of the security breach.

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