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A Ciber Revolução

“A nova revolução não é apenas uma revolução – já está a mudar a região em que vivemos. As mudanças que estão a ocorrer no Médio Oriente são tectónicas, inevitáveis e trazem nova era para o mundo político. Neste mundo, não há lugar para ditadores ou tiranos de qualquer tipo. A extensão cibernética é a plataforma que permite a realização da mudança – aquela em que o impulso de realizá-la está dentro de cada um de nós como seres humanos”. A análise é de Haim Assa, “fellow at the Yuval Ne’eman Workshop for Science, Technology and Security at the Tel Aviv University, holds a degree in philosophy from Haifa University”.

The cyber revolution 

The activity in the cyber expanse allows the people living under the oppressive regimes to communicate with one another in ease and learn of their state and that of others, and thus unify to bring the basic impulse for change within them to a new height. In this sense, the cybernetic revolution has considerable political-social significance and its influence on human society can be compared to the influence of the print and industrial revolutions.

The military intelligence systems in democratic countries, as well as internal intelligence systems in oppressed countries, are unaware of the political-social processes among the classes at the margins, because they are focused on groups that have traditionally influenced political life, ruled the governmental institutions and the power centers, including economic power centers. Given the new era, intelligence systems will be tasked to new capabilities – primarily the ability to identify political-social processes among broad populaces that are beyond the circle of the decisions and the institutions that run the specific country.

These processes are underway or are brewing under the surface, and it is difficult to locate them among the top echelons. Within the strategy of counter-observance, these processes are also not being reflected in news editions and newsrooms. Early identification, analysis and the understanding of such processes necessitates a different strategy and new tools. Towards this end, Israel must develop technological systems that can assist in understanding states of mind within the populace.

These systems need to be able to “swallow and digest” tremendous quantities of information – mostly idle information that allegedly does not contain any “rising,” suspicious or interesting component, and they must be able to identify potential developments from within this flow of information. It is important to remember that the changes in the social layout in the region significantly influence Israel’s security. There are technologies today that allow for automatic processing and analysis of vast amounts of information for creating deductive capability based upon it.

These systems do not “get the job done,” but rather support research activity guided by intended research teams. Semantic Web technologies allow for the fusion of information from various sources in various languages and of different types. It is desirable that the development and assimilation of such technologies become national projects in the West. These systems do not represent the brain or eyes for ‘big brother’. However, they allow for an understanding of states of mind, of atmospheres within very large populaces – whose identification could result in policy change in one regime or another, thus avoiding bloodshed or internal wars.

Israel’s attitude towards the Palestinian leadership, whether if Hamas or Fatah, is not observation that does not indicate or lead to an understanding of the situation. It is only by focusing on understanding the moods among the Palestinian youths that insights regarding the future can be produced. In other words, determining Israel’s strategy towards the Palestinians does not depend on the saying of one Palestinian leader or another. The new era has created a new leader – the crowd; the wide public is becoming a dominant player, primarily the young populace.


Therefore, it is appropriate that Israel is willing to listen to the moods within the youths of this group and prepare accordingly. If not, we may find ourselves surprised.

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