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FireChat – A ‘app’ que religa Hong-Kong

Submetidos à permanente inquisição do maior “big-brother” mundial, os manifestantes democratas chineses de Hong-Kong estão a usar, para comunicar uns com os outros e fora do alcance da vigilância e da censura do Estado totalitário  chinês, esta revolucionária ‘app’. O nosso amigo John Robb explica aqui tudo sobre o tema.

FireChat — The hottest app in the world right now

The most interesting app in the world right now is, unfortunately, another bit of commercial malware from siliscam valley. It’s FireChat from Open Garden.

FireChat is an app that you can download to your smart phone.  Once installed, it lets you build ad hoc networks using your cell phone’s wifi and bluetooth connectivity with other nearby phones that have the app running.

This appears to be (finally) the start of ubiquitous mesh networking, which is a good thing.  

One reason, it can allow people to connect even if the net is down or surveilled by big brother.  Simply, any two smart phones with this app can form a network.  

A good example of this at work: FireChat is being used right now by democracy protesters in Hong Kong.  Protesters are forming chat groups using this software to stay connected in the streets despite China’s big brother breathing down their necks.

PS:  Here’s an interesting twist.  Apple’s 1984 commercial depicting technology taking down big brother was a big hit.  China now operates the world’s largest domestic surveillance network, which makes it the world’s leading “big brother.”  The twist is that Apple manufactures most of its product in China, which supports big brother financially.

Of course, few in the west consider “democracy” something worth supporting anymore.  We’ve become completely comfortable and tolerant of commercial totalitarianism in Asia and its growing influence in the West  –> despite the horror this totalitarianism may/can/will turn into when the debt fueled growth over the last decades ends, inevitably, in tears.

PPS:  Fortunately, there’s still time for other companies, less tainted by venture backing than “Open Garden” to enter the fray.  A better way to architect a mesh P2P business?  Build it using as a blockchain business.  People can buy “shares” of the app (cost escalates from almost nothing for basic use to much higher costs for higher bandwidth).   Distributed ownership to the people running the network by using the mining funciton.  Running nodes = mining.  Higher bandwidth + better speed/quality = more earnings.

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