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Brasil compra 36 caças Gripen de nova geração

O Comando da Aeronáutica (COMAER)  assinou um contrato para a aquisição de 36 caças Gripen NG (Next Generation) para a Força Aérea Brasileira para cerca de 5,4 mil milhões de dólares, depois de Dilma Rousseff ter obtido a reeleição para a Presidência. 






Brazil buys 36 Gripen NG aircraft from Saab

Contributor:  Defence IQ Press 
Posted:  10/28/2014  12:00:00 AM EDT

The Brazilian Aeronautics Command, COMAER, has signed a contract to acquire 36 Gripen NG fighter aircraft for the Brazilian Air Force for around SEK 39.3 billion ($5.4 billion). The contract, which consists of 28 single-seat aircraft and eight two-seaters, was signed after Dilma Rousseff was reelected Brazil’s President on Monday.

The deal involves a “substantial technology transfer” with at least 15 of the aircraft to be assembled in Brazil by South American defence heavyweight Embraer, including all eight of the two-seater aircraft.

“We are proud to stand side-by-side with Brazil in this important programme. There is already a long and successful history of industrial co-operation between our two countries, and this historic agreement takes that partnership to a new level”, says Marcus Wallenberg, Chairman of Saab’s Board of Directors.

The contract with COMAER for Gripen NG and the associated Industrial Co-operation contract will come into effect once certain conditions have been fulfilled. These include, among others, the necessary export control-related authorisations. All of these conditions are expected to be fulfilled during the first half of 2015. Gripen NG deliveries to the Brazilian Air Force will be undertaken from 2019 to 2024.

“The contract with Brazil validates Gripen as the most capable and modern fighter system on the market. It solidifies Saab’s position as a world-leading fighter aircraft producer and strengthens our platform for growth,” says Håkan Buskhe, President and CEO of Saab.

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