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‘Estado Islâmico’ Está a Infiltrar a Turquia, Avisa a ‘Secreta’ Turca

Os serviços secretos da Turquia alertam que Estado Islâmico já se infiltrou no país.

Turkey’s MIT warns IS has infiltrated Turkey

According to press reports yesterday [Feb. 19], Turkey’s National Intelligence Organization (MIT) has issued a warning that Islamic State (IS) militants who had to withdraw from Kobani have infiltrated Turkey. Further, IS was preparing for bomb attacks against embassies and consulates in Ankara and Istanbul. About 3,000 militants, including leaders who plan such attacks, are now in Turkey without any surveillance, mostly living in safe houses. If these reports are accurate, it means that we are now facing the possibly the most terrifying consequences of the government’s lunatic Syria policy.

What will the government do? Those who dare to ask might end up in prison because the government is preoccupied with covering up its dirty operations in Syria by imposing censorship on the press and enacting prohibitive legislation. According to some observers, MIT chief Hakan Fidan, who is accused of being the architect of this set-up, has resigned to arm himself with parliamentary immunity against prosecution.

While the government is frenetically denying accusations about Syria, these charges are now finding their way into court documents. The prosecutor who is dealing with the case of IS militants who attacked security forces at Nigde obtained some damning clues by tapping the phones of defendants. These documents, which reached daily Cumhuriyet writer Ahmet Sik, expose the diabolic networks the government has formed with Jabhat al-Nusra and similar organizations.

In the meantime, Robert Ford, the last US ambassador in Damascus, in a recent interview with McClatchy newspapers, made serious accusations against Turkey. What he says counts. Ford was the most fervent supporter of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) when it first appeared. Just like Ankara, he was thinking that the FSA should be equipped with heavy weapons to topple Bashar al-Assad.

But when Washington found it adequate to maintain its relations with the Syrian opposition through the CIA based out of Gaziantep, Ford resigned in anger. He has totally reversed his standing today. Accusing the opposition of going after each other and of cooperating with Jabhat al-Nusra, Ford now believes the opposition should no longer be given weapons because they, just like their Qatar and Turkey patrons, insist that Jabhat al-Nusra is but an anti-Assad local force. But Jabhat al-Nusra is an extension of al-Qaeda. Its ideology is no different from IS. Ford also says that the agreement signed yesterday between the United States and Turkey to train and equip the moderate opposition against IS will not serve any purpose.

Everyone knows that IS is an offspring of Jabhat al-Nusra. It is therefore likely that the MIT, which had been looking after Jabhat al-Nusra, is now in touch with some militants who have since switched to IS. It was felt that, at least in the summer of 2013, during the Serekaniye clashes, the MIT was supporting these groups not only against Assad but also against Syrian Kurds.

The results are obvious. The United States disregarded Turkey’s objections and ran to help the Kurds. IS had to withdraw from Kobani after sustaining heavy casualties. If the Kurds now launch an offensive to capture the town of Tell Abyad (which faces our Akcakale), then watch the clamor, as that would mean a contiguous Kurdish zone linked to Kobani. US and coalition forces may well support such a move against IS.

Now we hear reports that Assad forces have severed the supply lines of the opposition to Aleppo.

Opposition Nationalist Action Party deputy from Hatay, Sefik Cirkin, who follows the Syrian events closely, summarized the situation: “The only escape route for the opposition is via Reyhanli. Then you will see how close our ties are with Jabhat al-Nusra. They will all pour into Turkey because they have no other place to go.”

So what will the government do? Nobody can tell, but the limits of its powers are well known. It has no choice but to form a rational and humanitarian relationship with Syrian Kurds; to lead the way in the reconstruction of Kobani and become a part of the anti-IS coalition without reservations, thus putting the security of our country ahead of the dream of toppling Assad.
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