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Pensar “a Europa Sem a União”

“Pensar o impensável” é um exercício sempre muito interessante e estimulante. Mark Fleming-Williams, da Stratfor, fê-lo com a União Europeia, neste início de Março.

No seu trabalho “Europe Without the Union”, ele começa por estabelecer o quadro: “The European project was always bound to fail. Europe is a continent riven by geographic barriers. It has spent two millennia not only indulging in massive and constant internal wars, but also keeping written records of them, informing each generation of all the times their forebears were wronged. Over the centuries, great empires have risen and fallen, leaving behind distinct groups of people with different histories, languages and cultures. Any project attempting to fuse these disparate cultures into one monolithic state over the course of just 70 years was by its very nature doomed. It would inevitably encounter insurmountable levels of nationalistic resistance, and eventually the project would stall. That is the point at which we now find ourselves.”

Mark Fleming-Williams conclui procurando identificar “Winners and Losers in a New Order”, depois de ter “pintado” a paisagem de “The Shape of Things to Come”… que aqui lhe revelamos.

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