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Calendário geopolítico da semana de 23 Outubro 2011

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Geopolitical Calendar: Week of Oct. 23, 2011

October 24, 2011 | 1206 GMT

Editor’s Note: The following is an internal STRATFOR document listing significant meetings and events planned for the next week. STRATFOR analysts use this document to stay informed of the activities and travel of world leaders and to guide their areas of focus for the week.


  • Oct. 23: Bulgaria will hold mayoral and presidential elections.
  • Oct. 23: Switzerland will hold federal elections.
  • Oct. 23: EU heads of state will meet in Brussels to discuss the European sovereign debt and banking crises.
  • Oct. 23: Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is scheduled to visit Belgrade, Serbia, for the second time this year.
  • Oct. 23: Armenian President Serzh Sarkisian will travel to Russia at the invitation of Russian President Dmitri Medvedev.
  • Oct. 24-26: The Baltic Development Forum and the European Commission’s Second Annual Forum on the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region are scheduled to take place in Gdansk, Poland.
  • Oct. 24: The British parliament is scheduled to debate the the status of the United Kingdom’s EU membership.
  • Oct. 24-25: Czech Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg is scheduled to visit Romania to meet with Romanian Foreign Minister Teodor Baconschi and representatives of the Czech community in Romania.
  • Oct. 24: An International Monetary Fund delegation is expected to visit Ukraine to discuss loan arrangements.
  • Oct. 25: An International Monetary Fund delegation is scheduled to visit Romania to review a loan agreement signed in March.
  • Oct. 25: Former Romanian King Michael is expected to address the parliament in Bucharest, Romania.
  • Oct. 25: A Syrian opposition figure in exile is expected to visit Russia.
  • Oct. 26: EU heads of state will meet for a second summit in Brussels regarding the European sovereign debt and banking crises.
  • Oct. 26: French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe is scheduled to meet with Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu in Turkey.
  • Oct. 26: Possible date for a meeting in Geneva between the United States and North Korea regarding the North Korean nuclear program.
  • Oct. 27: Ireland will hold its presidential election.
  • Oct. 27: A Moscow district court is scheduled to start hearing in absentia a case against former Yukos oil company co-owner Vladimir Dubov, who is accused of fraud and large-scale theft of state funds.
  • Oct. 27-30: Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko is scheduled to visit Tajikistan and is expected to sign several agreements, including a long-term partnership deal and economic cooperation program through 2020.
  • Oct. 28: The first joint session of the Czech and Slovakian governments will be held.


  • Oct. 23: Jordan will continue to host 700 international leaders at the World Economic Forum Special Meeting on Economic Growth and Job Creation in the Arab World.
  • Oct. 23: Iran and Pakistan will continue to discuss security cooperation, control of common borders, drug smuggling and counterterrorism measures at their seventh security committee meeting.
  • Oct. 23: The trial of five bloggers in the United Arab Emirates who were charged with instigating the public against the government and posing a threat to state security will continue.
  • Oct. 23: The Bahraini Supreme Criminal Court of Appeals will hear the case of 20 doctors who were sentenced to 15 years for their involvement in February’s anti-government protests.
  • Oct. 23: Tunisia will hold its first elections for a constituent assembly since the ouster of former Tunisian President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali.
  • Oct. 24: Hezbollah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah will speak on Al-Manar TV to discuss local and regional political developments.
  • Oct. 24-25: Jordan will close voter registration for its municipal elections.
  • Oct. 25: Jamal Sharaf, Director General of the Jordan Nuclear Regulatory Commission, will host international representatives of energy organizations in the fourth annual Nuclear Energy Conference in Amman, Jordan, where they will discuss the lessons of the Fukushima nuclear plant incident and the importance of monitoring such facilities.
  • Oct. 25-26: Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and several other ministers will convene in Izmir, Turkey, for the Turkey-Syria High-Level Strategic Cooperation Council meeting and the unveiling of a joint $5 billion oil refinery.
  • Oct. 26: An Arab League delegation led by Qatar will convene in Damascus to discuss the political situation in Syria.
  • Oct. 26: The Mideast Quartet will meet separately with several Israeli and Palestinian leaders in Jerusalem to discuss the peace process.
  • Oct. 29: A Saudi court will hear the case of a Saudi woman accused of harboring militants and recruiting members for al Qaeda.
  • Oct. 30: The trial of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and former Egyptian Interior Minister Habib al-Adli will resume in the Cairo Criminal Court.


  • Unspecified Date: Swiss-mediated talks between Georgia and Russia regarding the Russia’s World Trade Organization membership bid will continue in Geneva.
  • Unspecified Date: The United States and North Korea will resume exploratory talks in Geneva. The talks will be headed by new U.S. envoy Glyn Davies.
  • Unspecified Date: First Minister of Wales Carwyn Jones will visit China on an education and economic mission.
  • Unspecified Date: Myanmar and Malaysian officials will meet to discuss exchanging detainees.
  • Oct. 23-27: Commander of North Korea’s East Sea Fleet, Rear Admiral Kim Min Sik, will continue his visit to Russia’s Pacific Fleet and meetings with Pacific Fleet officials.
  • Oct. 23-31: The United Kingdom’s Queen Elizabeth II will continue her visit to Australia.
  • Oct. 23-26: Myanmar Vice President Tin Aung Myint Oo will attend the 8th Expo of China and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations meeting in Nanning, China.
  • Oct. 23: U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta will continue his trip to Asia and will visit with leaders in Bali, South Korea and Japan.
  • Oct. 23-24: U.S. National Security Adviser Thomas Donilon will continue his visit to China and India to advance U.S. interests ahead of the East Asian Summit.
  • Oct. 23-27: Chinese Vice Premier Li Keqiang will visit North Korea and South Korea.
  • Oct. 23-28: Vietnamese Defense Minister Phung Quang Thanh will visit Japanese Defense Minister Yasuo Ichikawa in Japan to discuss recent Chinese moves in the South China Sea.
  • Oct. 23-28: Angolan Minister of State Carlos Feijo will visit China and will meet with Chinese Vice Premier Wang Qishan.
  • Oct. 24-29: China’s National People’s Congress Standing Committee will meet to discuss draft amendments of laws concerning military service, mental health, civil lawsuits and clean production promotion.
  • Oct. 26-28: Vietnamese President Truong Tan Sang will visit Philippine President Benigno Aquino III in Manila for the 35th anniversary of the establishment of bilateral relations.
  • Oct. 27-Nov. 4: The South Korean military will launch a large-scale annual exercise across the country.


  • Oct. 23: Argentina will hold presidential and parliamentary elections.
  • Oct. 23-24: Hacking group Anonymous threatened to unleash its third phase of the Andes Libre campaign against the Peruvian state on these days.
  • Oct. 23-26: Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich is scheduled to visit Brazil to discuss bilateral ties, trade and Cyclone-4, a joint rocketry project, with Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff.
  • Oct. 24: Venezuelan Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro and Colombian Foreign Minister Maria Angela Holguin will meet in Bogota, Colombia, to discuss bilateral relations and previously made commitments.
  • Oct. 24-25: The Financial Action Task Force will re-evaluate Argentina in Paris since it did not comply with necessary financial norms.
  • Oct. 24-26: Peruvian Prime Minister Salomon Lerner Ghitis will visit the United States and meet with U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
  • Oct. 24-28: Quebecois Foreign Minister Monique Gagnon-Tremblay will tour the Brazilian cities of Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia and Sao Paulo.
  • Oct. 25: Brazilian doctors who work in the country’s publicly funded health system will stage a nationwide protest against the precarious condition of public health care.
  • Oct. 26-28: Chilean President Sebastian Pinera will visit Uruguay prior to the Ibero-American Summit to reinforce bilateral relations.
  • Oct. 27: Albanian Foreign Minister Edmond Haxhinasto will visit Brasilia.
  • Oct. 28-29: The Ibero-American Summit will take place in Asuncion, Paraguay.
  • Oct. 29: Paraguay will host a Union of South American Nations conference and will assume the rotating presidency of the organization.


  • Oct. 23-28: The Rwanda Military Academy’s East African Community Military Command-Post Exercise will continue.
  • Oct. 25: The Nigerian House of Representatives will debate the allocation of government funds for Finance Minister Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala’s energy privatization plan.
  • Oct. 25-28: Intergovernmental Authority on Development member state leaders from Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, Sudan and Uganda will meet in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, to discuss security and humanitarian concerns in the Horn of Africa.
  • Oct. 27-28: The African National Congress Youth League is expected to march for the nationalization of mines.
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